The Coach Eatery

Have you heard of Tex-Mex, I’m sure you have. Don’t you just love how great the food tastes. Well here comes the Caribbean Isles version of that which we call Latinx, a new Dominican gastronomy which is our take on the old and new American classics such as BBQs, Steaks, Burgers and more, but with a new twist of Dominican savory flavors which would leave your mouth watery every time. The flavor is not the only thing that makes us unique but also our #foodbus which is an 45 foot Coach Bus which has been transformed into this beautiful fully mobile kitchen with all the goodies of a restaurant on wheels. Our uniqueness is also quite a shock when we do our catering events, all the employees, guests, or friends and family sit in aw as we pull up to their event to cater to them or just deliver their lunches, it will always be a shock both to the eyes and your tastes buds. Even though we wish we could take our bus everywhere we go there are times we cannot, so don’t be sad we still got you… you still have the opportunity to taste our Caribbean Isles seasons thru our online ordering which you can use to place your order for lunch / dinner or just some snacks if you get stuck in a pinch. All around our unique way of doing things will always brings a smile to our clients and that… is the best feeling in the world.

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