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Collins Concrete Coatings

Collins Concrete Coating is a family-owned concrete floor coating contractor located in Northern Virginia that serves residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC region. Business owners, government agencies and home-owners appreciate the fact that Collins Concrete Coatings uses Spartacote floor coating systems – a revolutionary system, highly customizable, durable and cost effective. Be prepared to experience superior levels of adhesion, flexibility and both corrosion and chemical resistance. Collins Concrete Coatings can apply a coating in any climate, the moisture, cure-coating chemistry outperforms easily applicable polyurethane and epoxy, traditionally installed. We are outfitted to apply to almost any surface such as; Garages, Hangers, Industrial Floorings, Pool Side, Government Facilities (Including bridges and highways), Restaurant Flooring and even Architectural Steel. Spartacote coatings anti-microbial (Easy to clean), green-friendly, compound is walkable in 2 hours after application and ready-for-action in one day; Collins Concrete Coatings is fit for every residence and business industry, lowering application costs due to little down-time and maximized efficiency: the coating literally bonds mechanically and chemically to the material it’s applied to (Concrete or steel), ensuring maximum protection that cannot be achieved anywhere else.

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